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2021 Pink Bow Project

Approximately 282,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year according to the National Cancer Institute. Roughly 400 Pink Bows are now on display for the entire month of October, to create awareness of this disease.

The Pink Bow Project is an eye-catching venture to create awareness of Dance for the Cure and that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. DFC co-founder Kathleen Cirioli, the coordinator and leader of the project, expanded its scope to include storefronts and businesses in both Hillsborough and Flemington this year.

"When I was at yoga this evening my instructor Meg told me that the pink bow I'd hung on the door that morning was generating a lot of buzz in their office.” - Andrea Doyle, DFC Volunteer

As you shop and run errands in these towns, please notice our large Pink Bows which were created by a group of interns from the firm WilkinGuttenplan located in East Brunswick, and then distributed to local businesses by another group of 29 Dance for the Cure volunteers, including Evelyn Anderson, Tara Baldwin, Jenny Cuaresema, Christine DeMartin, Andrea Doyle, Susan Foti, Teresa Foti, Barb Gagliardi, Fran Green, Teri Halvorson, Brooke Herbst, Karen Kozarski, Cassie Krick, Maggie Krick, Gina Lutzky, Stephanie Mardekian, Annamarie Masler, Shannon Melick, Figen Muftuoghe, Barbara Porter, Victoria Gagliardi Rossi, Robyn Salonna, Sofia Salonna, Julia Sauers, Rosa Sauers, Jess Tallman, Peggy Whelan and Janet Winters.

"What a rewarding experience! I am usually more on the shy side but once I began to approach the businesses, they were so welcoming and wanted to know all about Dance for the Cure!" - Susan Foti, DFC Volunteer

Many of the local stores and businesses look forward to the DFC volunteers arriving year after year and are happy to support DFC’s Pink Bow Project each October. We thank them for their continued support! If you would like to join us in Painting the Town Pink, please contact Kathleen Cirioli.


Are you interested in volunteering?

Visit our Volunteers page to see our great team!

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