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Basket Creation

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

At Ribbons of Hope, Dance for the Cure's annual fundraiser, the gorgeous baskets for the raffle are front and center. Lovingly crafted by a team of women dubbed "Basket Genies" over 200 themed baskets are built and put on display for the viewing pleasure of our event's 500 guests. It all comes together at "Basket Central" a space currently in Somerville, NJ, during the months of August through September. The commitment of this group of artisans varies depending on their availability. Some work every morning from 9:00 am to noon while others put in a few hours once a week.

Judy Craven has been building baskets for Ribbons of Hope for 10 years and looks forward to the start of basket-building season each year.

"It's wonderful to let my creative juices flow and to know that the end result will bring enjoyment to the event's attendees and ultimately raise much needed funds for people in our community who are struggling," says Judy.

She admits that the Basket Genies are very proud of their work and get a thrill out of the "oohs" and "aahs" they hear as people take in the sheer number of glorious baskets at the event. Visit the Ribbons of Hope Photo Galleries to experience these amazing baskets for yourself!

"Most rewarding is when you hear a recipient’s appreciation. To hear the gratitude, always warms my heart."

Volunteer Basket Creator, Donna Cease, recalls a time that stands out the most to her, "We were working at Basket Central and there was a knock at the door. A woman saw our sign outside and just wanted to stop to thank us as her daughter was a recipient and she knew how much it helped her. She also wanted to know if she could help somehow. That is something we see so much of, the recipients finding ways to pay it forward."

Lisa Scalera, another Basket Creator adds, "If you volunteer with Dance for the Cure, not only will you be helping those with breast cancer in our community, but you will also be working with and befriending some of the most caring, giving, selfless and kind women that you will ever have the honor of meeting."

Would you like to get involved? Contact Joanne Liscovitz to find out more

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