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Behind the Scenes

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

A lot goes on "Behind the Scenes" to make Dance for the Cure work as smoothly as it does. Our annual fundraiser, Ribbons of Hope, is the result of many individual volunteers happily pitching in a little (or sometimes a lot!) of their time and talent to support our community members in need. The "Basket Genies,"—women who craft the gorgeous baskets for raffle—use their copious skills to make unforgettable creations, but they do not do it alone! What other types of volunteer activities take place Behind the Scenes?

  • Spray paint baskets - channel your inner graffiti artist!

  • Organize inventory - Help keep the plentiful donations in order

  • Assist a Basket Genie with shrink wrap - keeping it all together is a good thing

  • Help make/mat basket signs - a must have for event coordination

  • Brainstorm ideas with Basket Genies - let your creative juices flow!

  • Pick up donations and deliver to Basket Central - Have wheels? This is for you...

  • Organize trash and recycling - we like to keep thing neat and tidy

  • Help with mailings (2x per year) - staying in touch with our donors is key

  • Help at Basket Central set up - prepping the workspace for activity in the fall

  • Help at day of event - load vehicles with raffle items and deliver to venue

  • Break down after the event - we recycle centerpieces and other items

  • Get your friends to attend! - now that's not so hard, is it?

"It feels good to do good."

"I love how all of the volunteers come together, each with their own special talents, and make Dance for the Cure such a special group to be a part of." says Debbie Melick, a Behind the Scenes volunteer. "From the talented Basket Genies that create amazing baskets for Ribbons of Hope to the ladies that take on fundraising to fill the baskets with wonderful surprises to people behind the scenes helping in a million different ways, it is a group filled with positivity, love, compassion, and kindness that all work towards the common goal of wanting to make a difference and help someone."

Put your volunteering energy to work in any of these ways. You just need an hour here or there to make a difference!

To become a Dance for the Cure Volunteer or to find out more, contact Kathleen or Joanne!

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