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ContainerPort Group's Pink Chassis Roll Out Hope with Every Mile

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

photo of Maureen and David King in front of the pink vehicles
Maureen and David King

When it comes to corporate social responsibility, some companies make statements, and others move mountains. This year, ContainerPort Group, Inc., with its regional office in New Jersey, took a step that resonates deeply with the mission of Dance for the Cure.

In March of 2023, it became clear that ContainerPort had 12 chassis that required refurbishment. While most had mechanical challenges, all definitely needed some TLC with a fresh coat of paint. Instead of sticking to the status quo, the visionary team of Gloria Cano, Cynthia Clark, and David King – the Director of Fleet Resources-East – presented a proposal: why not paint the chassis pink?

This wasn’t merely a stylish choice. Painting the chassis pink had a profound meaning. David King's personal connection to the cause, with his wife Maureen being a breast cancer survivor, gave the idea even more resonance. The senior leadership of the company, including Jon Urban, the Senior Vice President of ContainerPort, recognized the potential impact and gave the go-ahead to not only refurbish the chassis but to transform them into rolling tributes.

With the decision finalized, the next challenge was finding the perfect shade of pink. Ralph Iacono, Vice President of Road Runner, took up the mantle, securing Breast Cancer Pink from a PPG representative. By August, the refurbishment process began in earnest with the chassis being meticulously sandblasted and painted.

To enhance this initiative, Cynthia Clark lent her design expertise and created two different logo magnets. This wasn't just a brand gesture; it was a symbol of unity and a tribute to the hundreds of women who work for CPG and World Group as well as to those who are part of the Dance for the Cure community.

The timing couldn’t have been more appropriate. By completing the initiative in September, it perfectly aligned with ContainerPort's driver appreciation event and with Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. Each pink chassis, now ready for use, became a beacon of hope, drawing attention not just to the disease but to the community supporting its survivors and fighters.

It was around this time that David King's connection with Dance for the Cure came to pass. Through a mutual friend of DFC co-founder Joanne Liscovitz, David learned about our organization's mission. Realizing the potential for collaboration, he reached out to Joanne, informing her of the initiative and expressing the desire to incorporate the Dance for the Cure logo on their newly painted chassis. It was a gesture that further emphasized the broader community's involvement and unity in fighting breast cancer.

ContainerPort’s pink chassis initiative isn't just a corporate campaign; it's a heartfelt effort to drive change, raise awareness, and celebrate every individual touched by breast cancer. As these vivid vehicles crisscross the region, they not only transport goods but also carry a message of hope, resilience, and solidarity.

To David King, the team at ContainerPort, and all those who played a part in this noble endeavor, Dance for the Cure salutes you. Your efforts epitomize the spirit of community collaboration, and with every turn of the wheels on those pink chassis, we're reminded that when we come together, we can drive—and dance—towards a brighter, cancer-free future.


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