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DFC Co-Founders Recognized by NJ Governor and US Congress

At Dance for the Cure's annual fundraiser, Ribbons of Hope 2023, DFC co-founders Kathleen Cirioli and Joanne Liscovitz received documents of recognition from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and the United States Congress.

In his letter, Governor Murphy wrote: "As Governor of New Jersey. I am in awe of the dedication of Kathleen Cirioli and Joanne Liscovitz for their enduring and inspiring work with Dance for the Cure. As co-founders of this worthwhile organization, they have spearheaded efforts that have gifted more than $I million dollars, providing financial assistance to hundreds of New Jersey families impacted by breast cancer.

As a three-time cancer survivor, Kathleen uses her passion for dance to share her personal story of survival and give hope to other women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. From the beginning, Joanne, her fellow dance teacher and friend, has been by her side raising awareness and has chaired Ribbons of Hope for the past 17 years.

I commend the efforts of these two women along with the selfless volunteers and donors as they continue to increase awareness of this dreaded disease that has affected so many in our Garden State"

Additionally, a certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from Congressman Thomas H. Kean, Jr. was presented to Kathleen and Joanne. The certificate reads: "In recognition of founding Dance for the Cure and their dedication to assisting local families impacted by breast cancer" and includes a beautiful gold-embossed United States Congressional seal.

The recognition, proclamations, donations, and fundraisers on behalf of DFC during Breast Cancer Awareness Month far exceeded our expectations. We are honored and grateful to all who continue to support and help us continue our mission.


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