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Doing Good with Goody Bags!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Volunteers Filling our "Goody Bags" and making bows for "Ribbons of Hope".

Volunteers are needed for just a few hours to fill up 500 Goody Bags that will be given to everyone who attends our Annual Fundraiser, “Ribbons of Hope."

While it may sound daunting, with our “assembly” line procedure, we get this job completed in just an hour or two!

Volunteers meet at ‘Basket Central,” the location where much of the behind the scenes works takes place, and various donated items are placed inside each bag a few days before the evening of our annual fundraising benefit, “Ribbons of Hope.”

If you have a few hours to spare to help with this project, contact Kathleen Cirioli at 908-420-1999 or email

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