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January 2024 Volunteer Spotlight

Carole Longo, a dedicated volunteer with Dance for the Cure (DFC), joined the organization five years ago, inspired by the Ribbons of Hope Fundraiser. She recalls her initial encounter with DFC, saying, "I was so impressed by everything I saw, from the volunteers helping out to all the donated baskets, and the amount of people that attended. And then to realize from this night so many breast cancer patients will be supported financially." This experience was a turning point for Carole, as she decided to join the team of volunteers, driven by the profound impact of the event.

Volunteering with DFC has been a source of joy and fun for Carole. She fondly remembers a particular moment of spontaneous generosity, recounting, "One fun moment that stands out to me is when I went into a small cafe to ask if I could put a ribbon on their front window and out of the blue, a customer having a cup of coffee, stood up to ask me if I could put one on her front porch and that she had something to donate." The customer's offer to donate a brand-new travel suitcase when Carole put the bow on her porch exemplifies the community's enthusiasm and support for DFC's mission.

For Carole, being a volunteer goes beyond just helping out; it's about the fulfillment and camaraderie that come with it. She expresses this feeling, saying, "Being a volunteer is a way of giving back - it's the joy you feel when you help someone - it's being part of a team working together for the same cause." She also highlights the honor of working alongside dedicated women and forming friendships with DFC co-founders Joanne Liscovitz and Kathleen Cirioli, adding:

"Just to be with such dedicated women is a joy and an honor. Plus, having a friendship with two extraordinary women - Joanne & Kathleen, that's an honor!"

Kathleen recalls: "Carole and I met years ago when we were both hospice volunteers and her commitment to helping others continues as a dedicated volunteer with DFC." Through her involvement with DFC, Carole has found a meaningful way to contribute to a cause close to her heart, while also building lasting relationships and experiencing the joy of giving back.


Are you interested in volunteering?

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