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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Meet the small but mighty team behind Dance for the Cure’s website, social channels, photos and multimedia

As a 100% volunteer organization, Dance for the Cure (DFC) enlists the talents of a small army of individuals to ensure the success of its events and initiatives. If you’ve attended DFC’s annual fundraiser, Ribbons of Hope, you will have experienced first-hand the gorgeous baskets that are crafted as a labor of love by our “Basket Genies,” a group of dedicated women who spend countless hours making each basket into a work of art. The event runs like clockwork thanks to myriad friends and neighbors who volunteer time (and vehicles!) to haul goods from Basket Central to the event venue. Students from the local high school act as runners during the event, delivering baskets to lucky winners at their tables. We see photos of community members draping Pink Bows around the local towns, of people using assembly line precision to fill hundreds of Goodie Bags, and we see outstanding examples of how people raise money to help those who are in need.

But there’s a less visible team who documents all of these efforts and brings them to life on Dance for the Cure’s website and social channels. This small crew snaps photos, records videos, live-streams events, produces flyers, brochures and event programs, organizes and manages image and multimedia assets, crafts social posts, and oversees the Dance for the Cure website. I am pleased to introduce you to the Dance for the Cure Social Media Team.

Lynn Grillo, Media Team Leader

Having recently retired from her job as an executive at Adobe, Lynn is thrilled to be able to focus more of her time with Dance for the Cure. Lynn is responsible for the design and development of the DFC Website as well as the collateral used in our marketing efforts. She’s been involved with DFC for 15+ years.

Think Excellence, not Perfection,” is my motto, says Lynn.

Our goal is to help as many people as we can, so while we do not have a permanent paid staff, we are scrappy and get a lot done with just a few dedicated individuals.