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A Gem of Generosity: Tracy Abate's Dedication to Dance for the Cure

Charity isn't just about donations, it's a constant interplay between those who give and those who receive. This balanced exchange becomes a symbol of hope and resilience that guides us towards a brighter future. Today, we'd like to spotlight one of our most consistent and generous donors, Tracy Abate, an independent stylist with Touchstone Crystals.

Since 2018, Tracy has unfailingly supported DFC through annual fundraisers, showcasing a philanthropic spirit that outshines even the most beautiful of her crystals. Her dedication extends beyond merely organizing her own events. Tracy frequently collaborates with other DFC volunteers, uniting their efforts to amplify the impact of each fundraiser.

This spirit of generosity was on full display on April 24, 2023, during a fundraiser at the home of Arleen Kornbluth, one of our dedicated volunteers. Tracy not only lent her support but also generously donated $250 from the event proceeds to DFC. Adding another layer to her giving, Tracy pledged $1,732 in jewelry for our Ribbons of Hope Baskets event coming up in October 2023.

Looking back, we see a pattern of Tracy's selfless giving:

  • Tracy’s history of giving began in Oct of 2018 with a $250 donation.

  • November 2020 brought a donation of $300 and a variety of products.

  • January 2021 saw her contribute $150 and additional products during an event hosted by Arleen Kornbluth.

  • In November 2021, she donated $250 alongside more product contributions.

  • By March 2023, her generosity grew, with a $350 donation and more product contributions.

  • Most recently, in April 2023, Tracy donated another $250 and a selection of products at another Arleen Kornbluth-hosted event.

Each of these instances is a testament to Tracy's enduring dedication to our cause. On behalf of everyone at Dance for the Cure, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Tracy Abate. Her passion and consistent generosity truly embody the spirit of giving. Her story is a clear reminder of the impact that one individual can have when they decide to make a difference. Like the light scattered from a beautiful crystal, Tracy’s actions continue to touch many lives, spreading hope and courage.


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