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Past Recipients

Dance for the Cure has served women residing in Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, and Somerset Counties who are going through financial difficulty due to a diagnosis of breast cancer. Patients reach out to Dance for the Cure through their doctors, hospital social workers, community members, family or friends. 

To date Dance for the Cure has gifted over $1,000,000 to the individuals identified by the pink ribbons on the map below. Our recipients are extremely grateful for the monetary gift which has great value in their time of need. To know that others care about them and are willing to help make their lives a bit easier by helping with a medical bill, transportation to treatment, childcare costs, food for their family, or other daily costs of living brings joy to them as they navigate through a difficult time.

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Each ribbon on the map below represents a Dance for the Cure recipient.

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Artboard 3.png

I wanted to thank you all for your generosity. It means that world to me that we have incredible organizations, such as your own, looking after those recovering from breast cancer. Upon my complete recovery, I look forward to working with you and the rest of the team to give back in any way I can.

Thanks to Dance for the Cure for helping me to deal with my cancer in an informed way because the woman I spoke to was very willing to share her story with me and give me encouragement and hope which to a cancer patient are invaluable assets. The check I received went a long way to paying doctor's bills. 

I'm blessed with all my family, friends, and now Dance for the cure. l would like to thank you for all your help and support you have given me and all the women during this journey.

Your check came at a time when I really needed it and I can’t thank you enough.

Words can’t express what your kindness and generosity mean to me. I am thankful for people like you . God Bless.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all so very much. It feels like a Boulder has been lifted from my shoulders.

From the depths of my heart I have been so touched by your amazingly generous help during the course of my breast cancer treatment. I would not have been able to get through this without your financial help.

I can never thank you enough and I will never forget your generosity.

Thank you, indeed, for your generous and kind donation. I appreciate that you have given me the financial help that I needed. 

Thank you so much for your organization and for all that you do.

Social Security is my only income so this check all help me with my medication and medical bills. Thank you so much.

Your support and generosity will help us to pay down our medical bills. We are so grateful.

Eunice K - Somerville 

Donna H - Bound Brook

Olivia E - Hillsborough

Lauren R - Bridgewater

Patty H - Flemington

Lynne J - Belle Mead

Rena C - South Plainfield

Gloria T - South Plainfield

Christine B - Hillsborough

Elaine P - Neshanic Station

Kacy G - Belle Mead

Joan M - Bridgewater

Lisa N - Flemington 

Mary Ellen M - Piscataway

Dalia N - Belle Mead

Janet M - South Bound Brook

Erika R - Bridgewater

Graciosa R - Bridgewater 

Colleen H - Middlesex

Laurie P - Hillsborough

Sharon W - Hillsborough

Patricia J - Bridgewater

Linda S-M - Middlesex

Lindsay B - Middlesex

Laura F - Somerville

Anne C - Hillsborough

Linda M - Manville 

Linda M - Middlesex

Katherine B - Glen Gardner

Debra D - Dayton

Lorraine R - Three Bridges

Blanca A - Middlesex

Rita G - Somerville

Wendy O - Edison

Gloria R - Bound Brook

Agnes V - Raritan 

Karen H - Flemington

Rosemary A - Somerset

Nevia C - Bridgewater

Barbara C - Dunellen

Bonnie G - Bound Brook

Michelle H-K - Middlesex

Patricia C - Hillsborough

Karen H - Hillsborough

Shirley S - Flemington

Maria F - Hillsborough

Sharon P - Flemington

Lynn D - Bound Brook

Irene B - Whitehouse Station

Frances S-D - Flemington

Naomi J - Hillsborough

Joyce E - Bridgewater

Ann P - Flemington

Lenore P - Flemington

Christine W - Flemington

LaBrenda Y - Somerville

Leslie R - Bound Brook

Deidre W - Stockton

Christine C - Edison

Linda G - Edison

Sarah T - Somerset

Maria D - Bridgewater

Liberta H - Flemington

Tracey W - Edison

Michelle B - Piscataway

Cheryl D - Whitehouse Station

Barbara F - Piscataway

Beatrice L - Hillsborough

Barbara V - Edison

Diane W - Frenchtown

Sandra L - New Brunswick

Patricia R - Flemington

Doris B - Somerset

Sue G - Bloomsbury

Jackie S - Bridgewater

Suzanne D - Bound Brook

Sherry P - Clinton

Lindamar A - Flemington

Sherri M - Somerset

Milagros R - New Brunswick

Beatriz C-M - Middlesex

Lauren F - Flemington

Meagan H-P - Three Bridges

Mariam N - Flemington

Heather S - Califon

Tina M - Whitehouse Station

Li R - Perth Amboy

Lynda M - Flemington

Gina M - Frenchtown

Maria E - Bridgewater

Bernett J - Hillsborough

Thunyawan P - Bedmister

Shu-Lin P - Bridgewater

Wendy P-L - Frenchtown

Ann B. H - Avenel

Mitushi B - Hillsborough

Renee F - Middlesex

Delet K - Somerset

Lisa A - Hillsborough

Kathleen M - Middlesex

Barbara L - Somerville

Barbara L - Annandale

Denise N - Milford

Diane P - Somerset

Diane P - Bridgewater

Jeanne D - Hampton

Wendy L - High Bridge

Deborah O - Bridgewater

Cindy S - Branchburg

Donna T - Martinsville

Linda W - Stockton

Leslie C-M - Middlesex

Bette F - Hillsborough

Deborah F - Bound Brook

Diane R - Middlesex

Jennifer K - Martinsville

Wilhelmina M - Piscataway

Yvonne C - Somerville

Mary Ann R - Hillsborough

Gladys A - Bridgewater

Gail C - Woodbridge

Cornelia D - North Brunswick

Shulin Pung H - Bidgewater

Gwendolyn L - North Brunswick

Cindi R - Hillsborough

Maria Y - Bound Brook

Barbara F - Lambertville

Melissa R - Somerville

Patricia W - Lamberville

Edythe M - Flemington

Marcia R - Manville

Mary R - Flemington

Cheryl S - Lebanon

Lama T - Flemington

Maura W - Flemington

Carol - S - Fords

Cynthia P - North Brunswick

Maria P - Edison

Lisa S - Bridgewater

Jacqueline V - Perth Amboy

Darlene K - Somerset

Marian M - Middlesex

Lisa R - Bridgewater

Joan A - Middlesex

Kelly H - Califon

Sally S - Griggstown

Nirma T - Fords

Robin C - Bridgewater

Carimazel S - Edison

Amy T - Hillsborough

Hayley F - Lebanon

Wiesia G - Manville

Bertha A - Sayreville

Alfreda P - Middlesex

Dianne P - Piscataway

Debra S - Hopelawn

Deborah H - Warren

Eleanor V - South Bound Brook

Christine G - Somerville

June L - Martinsville

Naidu R-Q - Hillsborough

Betty W - Perth Amboy

Aida M - Perth Amboy

Stanislawa R - Middlesex

Carmen P-H - Somerset

Marion M - Bridgewater

Joyce H - Somerset

Cheryl I - Piscataway

Adeeba N - Iselin

Shavaun G - Branchburg

Shirley B-M - Somerville

Mary M - Avenel

Batilly A - Somerset

Erin K - Middlesex

Pearlie C - Piscataway

Robin O - Piscataway

Georgia H - Lebanon

Maryann H - Middlesex

Eurydice C - Parlin

Robin H - Metuchen

Barbara F - Hillsborough

Nancy O - Pittstown

Nancy T - South Plainfield

Doris J - Bridgewater

Gail S - Whitehouse Station

Rosalia F - Bound Brook

Karen P - Hillsborough

Judy S - Clinton

Leonides D-D - Bridgewater

Sharol L - Lebanon

Alicia A - Middlesex

Juiliana D - Belle Mead

Bonnie P - High Bridge

Maria O - Fords

Maria C - Parlin

Patricia G - Bridgewater

Yvonne H - Manville

Deborah J - Rosemont

Carmen L - Perth Amboy

Margaret W-S - South Plainfield

Susan V-S - Ringoes

Doreen V - Somerville

Patricia M - Branchburg

Diane W - Piscataway

Allison D - Middlesex

Sarah N - Piscataway

Collen B - Three Bridges

Patricia B - Neshanic Station

Dolores M - Old Bridge

Sohair H - South Bound Brook

Susan K - Old Bridge

Sarah S - Hillsborough

Sharyce T - East Brunswick

Willie Mae V - Franklin Park

Tahara A - Glen Gardner

Debra P - Somerset

Debra P - Whitehouse Station

Luvisminda M - Hillsborough

Marion K-W - Hillsborough

Lisa B - South Plainfield

Anne C - Hillsborough

Ana C - Manville

Andrea B - Bloomsbury

Virginia D - Hillsborough

Kookie F - Branchburg

Patricia S - North Brunswick

Suzan S - Manville

Marianna B - Somerville

Loretta G - Hillsborough

Durlys B - Raritan

Diane L - Raritan

Alicia A-M - Somerville

Donna B - South Bound Brook

Jean M - Green Brook

Amarilis D - Piscataway

Gail O - Middlesex

Anita K - Somerville

Dipti S - Somerset

Mary B - Hampton

Eda H - Dunellen

Annette D - Flemington

Deborah K - Manville

Barbara H - High Bridge

Kelly K - Flemington

Shannon K - Flemington

Letitia A - Flemington

Carolita L - Warren

Elizabeth G - Bound Brook

Maureen N - Middlesex

Meryl S - Flemington

Rasheemia D - Middlesex

Tawana G - Flemington

Mildred A - Annandale

Veronica D - Edison

Beth L - Frenchtown

Susan B - Woodbridge

Donna V - Bound Brook

Edwinta R - Hillsborough

Renee W - Hillsborough

Sherie C - Somerset

Susan G - Flemington

Jhoni J - Middlesex

Regina M - Stockton

Irene F - South Plainfield

Monica H-H - Somerville

Merry M - Bridgewater

Karen H - Hampton

Katherine G - Carteret

Lisa R - Hillsborough

Donna V - South Amboy

Maria G-J - Bound Brook

Beverly N - Bridgewater

Linda M - Somerville

Josette W - Bridgewater

Dallamah S - Somerset

Danielle A - Fords

Kathleen K - Manville

Myra M - North Plainfield

Lorraine H - Piscataway

Marsha A - Manville

Judith B - Flemington

Nicole C - Piscataway

Barbara G - Raritan

Barbara H - Somerville

Maria S - South Bound Brook

Lilliam A - North Plainfield

Helen P - Edison

Lisamarie D - Hampton

Salwa E - Middlesex

Maria G - Lambertville

Merced E - Lambertville

Theresa M - Carteret

Christine S - Branchburg

Lisa E - South Plainfield

Desiree F - Califon

Jill B - Lamberville

Isabella B - High Bridge

Jeannette M - Flemington

Denise A - Hillsborough

Kathleen N - Bridgewater

Kressie M - Somerset

Marianne C - South Plainfield

Eileen S - Edison

Rosemarie P - Bound Brook

Jackie P - Flemington

Rosalinda G - Flemington

Chihon J - Lambertville

Elida R - Edison

Diane A - Flemington

Sharyn F - Hillsborough

Elizaabeth H - Clinton

Lisa K - Fords

Figen M - Hillsborough

Sheryl S - New Brunswick

Nancy S - Bedminster

Terrie H - Somerville

Lesbia A-F - South Bound Brook

Erin K - Lambertville

Rashmi C - Bridgewater

Erica P - Piscataway

Evelyn A - South Plainfield

Karolyn H - Hillsborough

Tajuana A - North Brunswick

Carolyn H - South Plainfield

Dawn S - Dayton

Cindy W - Milford

Sonja S - Piscataway

Debra L - Hillsborough

Yelitza O-G - Bound Brook

Vanda F - Branchburg

Marianna P - Middlesex

Mellany W-B - Bound Brook

Clermitha G - Metuchen

Holly A - Old Bridge

Janice D-W - Raritan

Yellane O - Bridgewater

Marie B - Somerset

Effat Z - Edison

Hawa G - Somerset

Lydia P - Perth Amboy

Kattia C - Neshanic Station

Jessica T - Bloomsbury

Sara A - North Brunwick

Joan G - South Amboy

Joan L - Milford

Kim P - Manville

Alejandra L-R - New Brunswick

Shari C - Laurence Harbor

RuthAnn H - Lambertville

April H - Edison

Lorna M - Piscataway

Swannetta P - Piscataway

Rita T - Neshanic Station

Kamorah M - Dunellen

Michelle G - Middlesex

Charlene F - Edison

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