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A Night of Unity and Purpose

Dance for the Cure's Volunteer Gathering at Old Man Rafferty's

On Thursday, May 18th, Old Man Rafferty's in Hillsborough, NJ, became the backdrop for an evening of connection and appreciation hosted by Dance for the Cure (DFC). This social gathering, spearheaded by DFC co-founders Kathleen Cirioli and Joanne Liscovitz, served to bridge the gap between new and veteran volunteers, while also setting the stage for the upcoming season's initiatives.

For the new volunteers, it was a chance to meet and form personal connections with those who have spent time in the DFC trenches, laying the groundwork for future teamwork and shared mission focus, and it was a chance for the leadership team to welcome the newcomers and show appreciation to our long-time volunteers. During the course of the evening, Joanne previewed the forthcoming projects that the team will be undertaking in the lead-up to October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She covered key dates and initiatives such as the Pink Bow Project, where volunteers create and distribute large pink bows to local stores and businesses to foster community engagement in the fight against breast cancer; Tie the Town Pink, where we decorate public spaces with pink – adorning trees, railings, and flagpoles to visually kick-off Breast Cancer Awareness Month; and of course, Ribbons of Hope, DFC's primary fundraiser which also takes place in October.

As we look back on the evening, it's the laughter, camaraderie, and shared dedication that stands out the most. We're thankful for each and every one of our volunteers - they are the driving force of Dance for the Cure.


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