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Kacey Mucerino in Her Own Words

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

A Dance for the Cure recipient shares her personal journey of resilience and hope.

As a 34 year old (at the time) healthy woman newly married to my amazing man Brian, I thought our life was just taking off. Working as a hairdresser for 18 years at Gatsby Salon, you hear the word "cancer" way too often from clients who have relatives or friends that are fighting this battle. I never expected to be the one talking to my clients about my cancer.

The words "breast cancer" took my beautifully planned life abruptly in another direction. In July of 2019 I was diagnosed. Speechless and shocked, it was happening to me. Between all the doctor appointments, blood work and scans, it was such a whirlwind, I barely remember the beginning of this journey. Once a plan was set in place with my doctors, it was time to start chemotherapy to be followed by surgery, radiation and more surgery. Add Covid to the mix and it felt like an eternity to get through it all.

After the initial shock I knew I had to fight not only for myself but for Brian, my family, friends and the other women battling this disease. It was not easy but staying positive and trying my best to keep living life normally helped me beat it. Even on my worst days, I wouldn't let this cancer get me down, keeping a brave face always. The support from everyone around me was completely overwhelming and to be quite honest, I don't know if could have done it without them cheering me on.

I was introduced to Dance for the Cure when I received a phone call from DFC co-founder Joanne Liscovitz wanting to help me. The organization is amazing, helping women like me financially during our treatments. Trying to balance appointments, treatments, work and life was difficult — at times impossible. Raising money for this foundation is so important as it goes directly to patients fighting this ugly disease.

This past October I held a fundraiser at Gatsby Salon. We raised close to $2000 to donate to Dance for the Cure. I will continue to do so every October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is something so small, yet can make a huge impact on someone's life as it did for mine. It's important to me to fight this fight together and give back to a great cause.


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