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October 2023 Volunteer Spotlight

If you've ever stepped into a Dance for the Cure (DFC) event, you've probably felt the warmth and dedication of volunteers like Terry Oxford. Today, we're shining a spotlight on Terry, a remarkable volunteer who has been lending her time and talents to DFC for the past five years. Here's a glimpse into her journey with DFC and what makes it a fulfilling experience for her.

Terry's journey with DFC began when she was introduced to the organization by one of its co-founders, Joanne Liscovitz.

"I joined DFC about 5 years ago after being introduced by Joanne Liscovitz at Coldwell Banker," Terry shares.

Little did she know then how impactful this introduction would be, not just for her but for all the lives that would be touched through her volunteer work. While every volunteer opportunity at DFC brings its own set of unique memories, there's one place that holds a special place in Terry's heart. "Any time spent at Basket Central is fun for me," she reminisces with a chuckle. "Laughs, snacks, great company, and a creative outlet; what's not to love?" Indeed, it's these moments of camaraderie, fun, and creativity that make volunteering a truly enjoyable experience.

For Terry, volunteering is not just about spending time or lending a hand; it's about making a difference, both big and small. "Volunteering with DFC is important to me because it provides a huge personal sense of satisfaction to play any part in helping someone else," she emphasizes. But it goes beyond personal satisfaction for Terry. It's a way for her to keep things in perspective.

She adds, "It's a constant reminder that regardless of my own personal challenges, there are others who face challenges that are far greater. I have been the recipient of many kindnesses; this is one small way to pay it forward."

DFC Co-founder, Joanne Liscovitz, understands the tremendous value Terry brings to the organization."Terry is a force for good! She is always looking for an opportunity to promote Dance for the Cure, and she is a relentless solicitor of amazing donations! Terry's positive attitude and sense of humor, endear her to our entire volunteer team."

As we spotlight Terry Oxford today, we're reminded of the incredible impact that every volunteer brings to the DFC family. Their passion, dedication, and selflessness inspire us all to strive for a better tomorrow. Thank you, Terry, for your unwavering commitment and for reminding us of the beauty of giving back.


Are you interested in volunteering?

Visit our Volunteers page to see our great team!

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