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Luck of the Irish Venmo Bingo!

Use Instagram and Venmo to complete a Bingo card and raise money for Dance for the Cure!

This March, Dance for the Cure's theme is Ribbons of Luck! With leprechauns and four-leaf clovers at every turn, we are feeling very lucky indeed and we invite you to join us by playing Instagram Venmo Bingo and donating the proceeds to DFC! It's easy, fun and brings a bit of good luck to women in need!

Image of Cassie Krick
Cassie Krick, DFC Volunteer

One of Dance for the Cure's volunteers, Cassie Krick, introduced us to this new way of fundraising via Instagram by using Bingo cards. In honor of St. Patrick's Day she has adorned the Bingo cards with four-leaf clovers and we offer them to you so that you can hold your own DFC fundraiser!

Each card has dollar amounts in its grid. You share your card in an Instagram story and then ask your friends to play. Your friends pick an amount from the card and Venmo it to you! Once they do, you add their name to the card showing that they've donated that amount. When all 12 squares are filled with friends' names, you've reached Bingo! Donate the Bingo winnings to DFC.

Download the Bingo cards: There are four Bingo cards: a $250 card, a $100 card, a $50 card and a blank card where you can add your own amounts. Save the card of your choice to your photos album by pressing on the picture and selecting Save.

How to play (do this on your phone in Instagram!):

  1. Open Instagram on your phone and tap your Account Profile icon in the bottom right corner.

  2. Tap the Plus Sign icon on your Avatar in the upper left corner to create or add to your story. If asked, select Open Camera.

  3. Tap the picture icon in the bottom left corner and select one of the Bingo cards you downloaded in step 1. Instagram might add a date, which you can drag to the trash to delete. The trash icon appears when you begin to drag.

  4. Add your Venmo username to the Bingo card next to the word "Venmo" so that your friends know where to send their donation, and then click the Share button next to Your Story!

  5. Tag Instagram friends/followers by adding their name with the "@" symbol. When a friend sends you a donation via Venmo, cross out that amount on the card and add their name over it. Just follow the steps above to add to your story at any time.

Want to try this, but need a little help? Please email: and we'll see if we can assist. We hope you have fun playing Instagram Venmo Bingo and we thank you for your generosity. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

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