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Sigma Delta Tau's Inspiring Fundraiser for Dance for the Cure

In an outstanding display of community spirit and dedication, Stevens Institute of Technology student Zoe Hack, a former dancer at Kathleen Academy of Dance and a member of Sigma Delta Tau sorority, led a highly successful fundraising event for Dance for the Cure. This past October, the event managed to raise an impressive $1,828.00, contributing significantly to the cause.

Reflecting on the experience, Zoe shared some key details about the fundraisers. One of the unique features of the week-long event was the offering of glitter pink hair extensions on campus. This creative idea not only raised funds but also spread awareness in a visually striking way.

The fundraising efforts were further bolstered by inviting other organizations to participate. These groups hosted their own events, including a bake sale and a playful 'pie-a-brother' event, adding diversity and fun to the fundraising activities.

"The highlight of our efforts was undoubtedly on Wednesday," Zoe recalls. During this time, an impressive $702 was raised in just two hours. This was part of a daring challenge where people from participating organizations, including Sigma Delta Tau, put a 'bounty' on some of their members. If the set amount was raised within the two hours, those members had their hair dyed pink. "All goals were reached!" Zoe adds with pride.

Another engaging activity was a cookie decorating competition, marking the final day of the week. This event not only brought people together but also showcased the artistic talents of the participants.

Throughout the week, Zoe also took the initiative to sell shirts, with all proceeds going towards the fundraiser. This multifaceted approach to fundraising demonstrates the creativity and commitment of the students involved.

Zoe concluded, "I have really enjoyed the experience of getting to support a cause that means so much to me while I am away at school." This sentiment echoes the broader impact of the event, highlighting how community efforts can make a significant difference in supporting important causes.

Our big day was Wednesday where we raised $702 in two hours to dye people's hair pink. All goals were reached!" - Zoe Hack

The success of this fundraiser by Sigma Delta Tau and the enthusiastic participation of the Stevens Institute of Technology community not only demonstrates the power of collective effort but also serves as an inspiration for similar initiatives in the future.


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