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Tie the Town Pink 2023

Since 2016, our community and neighboring towns have embraced Dance for the Cure's "Tie the Town Pink" initiative, marking October with a sea of pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness. This year, we reached a milestone with a record 31 towns from 3 counties in New Jersey joining in this impactful endeavor.

The ribbons, expertly measured and cut by Brooke and Brielle Herbst, symbolize our shared hope and resilience. Danielle Hughes took the lead in preparing the boxes filled with these symbols of solidarity along with DFC pens, magnets, clips, stickers, and a very important breast self-exam card. Finally, Mike Hughes stood out with his commitment to timely deliveries to many of the participating towns.

Whenever you see a pink ribbon, remember that it represents a combined effort, a shared understanding, and a collective push for greater awareness. This October, our unity shines brighter than ever. Please enjoy these photos from participating towns!


Are you interested in volunteering?

Visit our Volunteers page to see our great team!

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