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Domenica D'Imperio, In Her Own Words

In December 2022, I was diagnosed with Stage 0 DCIS hormone-positive breast cancer. My only symptom was a random pain in my left shoulder that radiated down through my left breast. I came to find out that breast cancer doesn’t usually give patients any pain, so it was truly because I trusted my gut instinct that I found out about my cancer.

After having genetic testing done, I found out that I am positive for the BRCA2 mutation. This informed what my course of action would be in terms of treatment. From March to November 2023, I underwent three major surgeries to take back my health and clear my body of breast cancer.

"After my most recent surgery, I am happy to report that I am cancer-free!"

Throughout my journey, I needed financial assistance, which Dance for The Cure generously provided. I am so grateful for the work this foundation is doing to help local women facing this terrible disease. My financial needs would not have been covered during my journey if it had not been for Dance for The Cure. I was also lucky enough to be invited to the 2023 Ribbons of Hope event. It was an awesome experience to meet other survivors and supporters and see firsthand what an impact this foundation has had on the community.


Are you or someone you know struggling due to a breast cancer diagnosis?

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