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Samantha Taylor, In Her Own Words

Hello there, my name is Samantha, and I am no stranger to cancer. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer after my very first mammogram, this was my fourth cancer diagnosis. I was devastated. For years I faithfully conducted self-exams hoping I wouldn’t detect anything. Eventually I noticed that there was a problem with my left nipple. It was becoming inverted and just looked odd. Initially my doctor wasn’t too worried about it but that all changed with the results of my mammogram. The results showed areas of concern with both breasts. Given my history with cancer, a mastectomy was the best option. I was devastated all over again.

Every survivor knows that you need a reason to keep fighting. My reason was and is my family. My mom and my daughter were the strength I needed to keep going. There were times that I was determined to stay positive and have fun. When my hair started falling out, I let my daughter cut it off and draw on my bald head with a marker. My mom gave me nice and colorful blankets and we took selfies before every treatment. Those are the moments I will never forget.

A fellow breast cancer survivor told me about Dance for the Cure and suggested I reach out. When I received the donation from Dance for the Cure, I was in tears. I was so touched that the members of this organization would be so generous to someone they didn’t even know. I called Kathleen to thank her, but I doubt she understood a word I said because I couldn’t stop crying. I was extremely grateful. At the time we had just moved into our new apartment and moving expenses were tough. With the donation I was able to ensure that my daughter had a wonderful Christmas. I was also able to smile and laugh again, which was not easy.


Are you or someone you know struggling due to a breast cancer diagnosis?

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