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Donor Spotlight Jan 2022

Though this past year has been quite the challenge, we’ve had incredible success at Dance for the Cure and it’s all thanks to our wonderful donors and volunteers. Without them it would be impossible to make nearly as much of an impact as DFC has made. Two extraordinary donors that we’d like to bring attention to are Orly Steinberg and Fairway Green.

Headshot of Orly Steinberg
Orly Steinberg

Orly, a breast cancer survivor herself, took to Facebook Live to support Dance for the Cure and spread word about us. In doing so, Steinberg has raised a total of $800 for our organization.

Her heartfelt outreach, encompassing details of her own breast cancer journey, garnered numerous likes, shares and comments. Thanks to Orly for her continued support of Dance for the Cure!” -Joanne Liscovitz, DFC Co-founder and Ribbons of Hope Chairperson

Bob and Melissa Windish at Fairway Green have supported DFC for the past ten years. Joanne met Bob and Melissa through real estate, assisting them and their family members in buying and selling homes. They are inherently loyal people and have extended their support to Dance for the Cure since the very beginning of their friendship with Joanne. Year after year, they have not failed to be anything short of amazing.

Bob and Melissa Windish with Joanne Liscovitz (center)
Bob and Melissa Windish with Joanne Liscovitz (center)
"They’ve donated their NY Giants tickets and provided us with warehouse space to house our baskets when we were bursting at the seams. In addition, they’ve donated a Fairway Green Gold level lawn treatment package each year for Ribbons of Hope."

Fairway Green is a highly regarded business in our area and is now run by Bob and Melissa’s daughters, Jennifer Windish Kalantari and Morgan Windish, along with Jen's husband Bob Kalantari, so the unending support clearly runs in the family.

We are forever grateful for not only these spotlight donors, but every single donor and volunteer who puts effort into supporting Dance for the Cure.


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