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Grass Roots Giving—Philanthropy at Its Finest

Every dollar helps—every gift is meaningful. Each donation of any denomination or value brings relief to a woman in need. We appreciate and thank you for your generosity!

While Dance for the Cure solicits donations all year round, we have a concentrated effort around fundraising during the lead-up and into the month of October—Breast Cancer Awareness month. It's when we have our annual fundraiser, Ribbons of Hope, and when the vast majority of our donations come in. Like most charities, we bucket our donors into levels:

Diamond - $5,000 and Higher | Platinum - $1,000 - $4,999 | Gold - $500 - $999

Silver - $250-$499 | Bronze - $100 to $249 | Ribbon - Up to $99

A full 89% of our donations come from individual donors at the Ribbon and Bronze levels. We rely upon these hundreds of individual donors for their generosity which make our major fundraiser a success. Many of our donors do double-duty as volunteers as well.

"We are so grateful for our many donors who embrace our mission of helping breast cancer patients in our immediate area. Their generous giving, year after year, makes a tremendous impact on the number of patients we are able to help. Dance for the Cure is a 100% volunteer organization with a local outreach which matters to our donors too, as they know where their money is going." ~Joanne Liscovitz, Co-founder, Dance for the Cure

Chart showing percentage of donors by level of donation.
The majority of donors are in the Ribbon and Bronze levels

We are also grateful for our top donors who provide a tremendous boost with large donations. Less than 3% of our donors are in the top two levels, yet they provide 46% of our total yearly donation amounts. To date, Dance for the Cure has been able to gift over $800,000 to individuals throughout Somerset, Hunterdon and Middlesex, NJ counties while they go through their breast cancer journey.

"We are grateful for our community of friends and businesses who support us throughout the year through individual fundraisers, monetary gifts and memorial donations." ~Kathleen Cirioli, Co-founder, Dance for the Cure

Chart showing percentage of dollars by donor level.
Every level of donor has a substantial impact on our totals

The expressions of gratitude from our recipients and the many ways in which a monetary gift can make a small, but significant positive impact in their lives is very rewarding for the entire Dance for the Cure family of volunteers.

Join us at our annual fundraising event, Ribbons of Hope!


Are you interested in volunteering?

Visit our Volunteers page to see our great team!

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