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January 2022 Volunteer Spotlight

As we all know, volunteers are extremely valuable to us at Dance for the Cure. They are the reason we can do such great things with this organization, since it is solely volunteer based. We have two very special volunteers in the spotlight this month: Linda Colatriano and Annamarie Masler.

Linda Colatriano began volunteering for DFC in 2017 in memory of her late mother, since she had loved going to the event. They had first gone together to support Arleen Kornbluth, a loyal Dance for the Cure volunteer. Arleen encouraged Linda to start volunteering in memory of her mom.

“One fun memory is when I first walked into basket central. It was so big and organized just like a small business. Never expected the place would be so big. I continue making fun memories with all the other volunteers especially the basket genies.”

When asked why volunteering is so important to her, she responded “I was raised to always give back.” Her parents were the prime example of working hard and accomplishing great things from doing so. Coming to this country prior to knowing the English language and with very little money, they still managed to gi