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July 2021 DFC Volunteer Spotlight

DFC Volunteers Tara Baldwin and Darlene Sterritt share why they give their precious time to Dance for the Cure and what they get out of it.

Tara Baldwin

When did you join DFC and what prompted you to do so?  

I joined the Dance for the Cure team in 2005 when I was selected as one of the lyrical dancers for the "I Believe" dance routine. At this time, the idea for Dance for the Cure's annual fundraiser, Ribbons of Hope, was in its infancy and my involvement consisted of performing at different events, such as the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure and speaking engagements at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The first annual Ribbons of Hope took place my final year as a lyrical dancer, and I stayed involved with DFC through college, after graduation and into my professional career. Seeing the growth of the event firsthand—from that initial year where we made 30 or so baskets in Darlene's basement to now where we have 200+ baskets and 500 people in attendance—has been incredibly fulfilling.

Name a fun memory from volunteering with DFC...

The day of the event is always a combination of chaos, stress, fun and every other emotion you can think of. The scramble to get everything from Basket Central to the Marriott (with no basket casualties) is always eventful and provides for a lot of fun memories to look back on-even if they seem more stressful in the moment!

Why is doing this important to you? 

Breast cancer is something that has impacted everyone—it knows no boundary and does not discriminate who it affects. Meeting the donation recipients, hearing their stories and knowing how the work we do has changed their lives is incredibly rewarding.


Darlene Sterritt