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January 2021 Volunteer Spotlight

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Dance for the Cure Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. We are proud to recognize two long-time volunteers who make DFC run successfully! Meet Judy and Lisa...

Judy Craven, DFC Volunteer
Judy Craven, DFC Volunteer

Judy Craven has been a volunteer with Dance for the Cure since its inception in 1999. At the time, Judy's daughter Courtney was one of the dancers who performed a beautiful lyrical piece to the song "I Believe" at Dance for the Cure functions and events. Judy was on hand at these performances to assist in whatever way was needed. Her contributions to the organization continued to grow from there!

An original member of the team who set up "Basket Central," the location where the beautiful baskets at our annual fundraiser, Ribbons of Hope, are magically created, Judy has earned the nickname "The Scrounger" for her uncanny ability to remember every item in the warehouse and where it might be located. If someone needs a particular item to complete a basket, Judy can usually come up with it. She also creates the most gorgeous baskets herself and she does all of it with grace and humility. Dance for the Cure Co-founder, Joanne Liscovitz says: "Judy is always calm and collected, a problem solver and the first one to offer a helping hand. If Judy says she will do something, think no more about it!" It doesn't hurt that that Joanne keeps Judy well-fueled with Tootsie Rolls!

When asked about her involvement with Dance for the Cure, Judy reflected: "I feel that one of the most important things about Dance for the Cure is that it's local, so it feels personal. We know where the help is going—we see the recipients and we see cancer survivors become volunteers. I am constantly inspired by those I am surrounded by. Dance for the Cure has grown so much and has become such an important part of the community. I am proud and humbled to be a small part of it."

Lisa Scalera, DFC Volunteer
Lisa Scalera, DFC Volunteer

Lisa Scalera's three daughters, Lauren, Danielle, and Alyssa, all danced at Kathleen Academy for many years and two of them were lyrical dancers for Dance for the Cure. It was through them in 2009 that Lisa was introduced to the organization. In the beginning, Lisa would help out at "Basket Central" doing anything that needed to be done, and would also help the night of The Ribbons Of Hope Basket raffle Fundraising Event. As time went by, Lisa found that she had more time to volunteer and learned the secrets of creating DFC's remarkable baskets.

Today, organizing the workings of Basket Central and creating magnificent baskets from the many generous donations from local businesses and individuals, has been her focus within the organization, and her contributions have not gone unnoticed. Dance for the Cure Co-founder, Kathleen Cirioli explains: "Lisa brings a unique quality to the organization with her cheerfulness, warmth and kindness towards everyone. She is delightful to work with."

Lisa finds her work with Dance for the Cure very fulfilling, saying: "This is important, first and foremost, because we are assisting women in our community with breast cancer who need help financially. Volunteering fills my heart with joy. It allows me to focus on helping others, instead of myself, my own health, or the stresses in my own life. I can be productive and creative in ways that fill my soul. And most importantly, I have befriended some of the most giving, caring, and loving women that I have ever had the honor to know and spend quality time with!"

Are you interested in volunteering? Please visit our Support Us page or contact Joanne or Kathleen directly.

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